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What is an American Heated Gutter System?


We are a gutter company that manufactures and installs an exclusive closed gutter protection system that installs over new or existing full-size gutters. It protects your home from the destructive and damaging effects of rainwater build-up. And it protects you by keeping you off that dangerous ladder.

American Heated Gutter Systems is the strongest gutter protection system on the market and is engineered to last a lifetime. Fact is, it can give you 100% maintenance-free protection from wind, rain, snow, ice, and damage ….combined!


What is the basic concept behind an American Heated Gutter System?

Maintenance free all year long.


What are some of the advantages of installing American Heated Gutter Systems?


With American Heated Gutter Systems you'll never have the risk of falling off a ladder to clean your gutters again! With more than 2.1 million people seeking emergency treatment in the United States for ladder-related injuries, almost 10 percent result in hospitalization. The most frequently reported injuries were fractures and 97 percent happened at home, according to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine study. You avoid overflowing gutters that can lead to rotting fascia boards and soffit on your home, and eventual damage to your walls, foundation, basement and crawl spaces. Never again will rainwater flowing off your roof harm your landscaping, lawn or shrubbery. So, stop worrying about your gutters, and start enjoying the peace of mind that a American Heated Gutter Systems provides.


How does American Heated Gutter Systems match up to other typical gutter products available today?


Screens and other gutter products that have vertical slots, louvers or other openings allow leaves and debris to clog your gutters and they just simply do not work and that is why they don't offer a lifetime warranty like we do.

American Heated Gutter Systems unique design has no vertical openings that can allow debris to settle or to enter. Gravity causes leaves and debris to fall harmlessly to the ground, while water surface tension causes water to flow around the exclusive cover design and back into your gutters. We are so confident in our product we offer a lifetime warranty!


What is the cost to install the system?

Factors affecting installation costs include:

  • the number of stories of your home

  • the need for special equipment to perform the installation

  • (due to the lay of the land or other variables)

  • the condition of your roof; any fascia repair and replacement

  • the overall length of all of your gutters

  • the number of corners on your home.

  • Costs also depend on the options that come with it, e.g., heating


All installations include an inspection and tune-up of your existing gutters - cleaning, sealing, re-pitching and adding hangers as needed. Upon inspecting your home, your American Heated Gutter Systems technician will provide a firm quote.

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My roof has a very steep pitch. Will water shoot over and pass by my gutters?


American Heated Gutter Systems is engineered to work on roofs with any degree of pitch, from flat to vertical. Water will reliably flow into your gutters, regardless of the pitch.


How strong is an American Heated Gutter System?


American Heated Gutter Systems horizontal-rib design is specifically engineered for strength. American Heated Gutter Systems is the only system that installs over reinforced heavy gauge brackets that actually strengthen and support your gutters, enabling it to stand up to heavy snowfall and strong winds. American Heated Gutter Systems have the highest quality product and thickest material, .040 and .050, twice the thickness of any other system on the market.


What is an ice dam?


Ice dams typically occur from heat escaping from inside the house to the attic. This heat warms the roof shingles and causes snow and ice to melt and drip to the eave line. When the snow hits the cold overhang of the eave line, it refreezes and forms an ice dam, preventing water from escaping to the gutter. With no escape route, the water pools, then backs up underneath the shingles and enters the attic area through nail holes and seams in the roofing. This can cause extensive damage to roofs and ultimately to the home’s interior.


How can American Heated Gutter Systems prevent ice damming?


Heat loss can be controlled in one of two ways. The first is through more insulation and ventilation, the second, is to install our heated hood and gutter system. The heated hood in our gutter system is much like the hood on an automobile. When there is snow on the exterior of your car, you open your hood and there is no snow on the motor. This is essentially what happens with the heated hood in our gutter system. The snow lays on the heated hood, not in the gutter. The gutters and downspouts are free of snow and ice.


Who can I contact for other questions?

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