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This question was asked on Jul 10th, 2012

What is a heated gutter ?

ANSWER:  It is a thermostatically controlled heating element positioned within the aluminum hood, into the gutter and down the downspouts to continuously melt the snow and ice to move the water away from the foundation of your home or business.


This question was asked on Nov 9th, 2012

Do these elements get installed by you solely? or can anyone ( homeowner/contractor } do it.

ANSWER: Our installers are specialty trained to install our product due to the specifications of the engineered design to ensure them to work properly. It is important to note that the system has specific electrical requirements and this must be installed by a licensed electrician. The system itself is not difficult to install however there are several factors involved in each application that comes from experienced trades people. If a contractor is interested in installing our product they need to contact us to have on the job training.


This question was asked on Aug 19th, 2013

1.  Any installers in Cleveland, OH?

2.  Can it be installed on slate roof without removing the slate?


1. YES!   We have trained installers in and around the Cleveland area that are ready and willing to meet your needs.
2. YES!    No materials (ie. Slate, Shingles, Metal Panels, etc.) are removed from the roof during instalation.Leaf Hoodie and Heater Hoodie will never compromise your roof or the materials covering it.



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