Commercial Applications

Buildings are everywhere serving the public. There are medical offices, supermarkets, gyms, schools, nursing homes, warehouses, factories and other structures which we can collectively call as buildings. We might not realize it but these structures are an essential part of living.

Our product has eliminated many lawsuits arising from slip and fall injury. The main problem with most commerical buildings is their main entrance gets ice buildup and with the heavy snowfall and fluxuating temperatures the ice jams suddenly come crashing to the ground injuring individuals. The other problem is the dripping of the ice melting onto the pavement causing black ice. It doesnt matter how diligent one is in salting the pavement it is inevidible that someone will slip and fall at the entry to the facility.


Slip and Fall Victim Awarded $1.9 Million Settlement - See more at:

Another big problem for companies receiving commercial deliveries at warehouses. Most commecial buildings have flat metal roofs, no ventilation, no insulation resulting in major ice jams. The other issue is commercial buildings that have gutters have such long distances to cover that the gutters dont drain properly and the downspouts back up causing ice builds up in the gutters and ice backing up into the building. When the gutters get weighed down by ice and snow they tear off the buildings. All these conditions make it a very difficult work environment and can expose both the customer, worker and employer to unnecessary lawsuits arising from contributory negligence.   

American Heated Gutter Systems solves all these problems. We invented the system, manufacture and install the product.  Our product is custom made to adapt to all styles of roof applications and can be installed on existing gutters provided they are seamless and good working condition. Because our system is thermostatically controlled there is no maintenance. No maintenance...No worries.


Our patented Heater Hoodie has been eliminating big ice for over 15 years. We have solved problems for Medical Institutions, Churches, Firestations. Hospitals and so on. We are your one service provider for all your building needs. We are just a call away if you want to request a FREE quote. We offer to you our years of professional experience in the industry. 


Commercial applications in Erie PA