Heated Gutters in Buffalo, NY, Erie, PA, & Mentor, OH


If you're considering gutter installation, then you should consider upgrading to heated

gutters and leaf guard gutters. Clogged gutters can be an enormous problem. As water

backs up, it can flow behind the gutters through the fascia and into the soffit causing

severe damage to your walls, ceiling and even the foundation of your home. If you're

located in the Erie, PA or Mentor, OH, American Heated Gutter Systems can help. 


American Heated Gutter Systems will install a hood over your existing gutter that will

deflect all the debris and water that would normally lead to these troublesome clogs

and back ups. If ice build up is the problem, Leaf Hoodie® alone won't be enough to stop

icicles from forming. In this instance, the Heater Hoodie® is recommended.


Affordable gutter installation & leaf guard gutters for innovative systems.


Maintenance Free Heated Gutters®


Leaf & Heater Hoodie® is unique to all other gutter systems. Our patented machine makes various size radius’ to fit any size gutter or style of roof. We can even make our Heater Hoodie® to be installed over our competitors' closed hood gutter system. Even if you don't choose us for your gutter installation, you can trust us to enhance your current gutters.


Heater Hoodie® are uniquely different from just a heating wire on the roof; the thermostatically controlled heating elements are positioned between the gutter hood and another piece of aluminum on top, which protects the wires from all types outside elements. This provides your home with a look that has proven to be aesthetically pleasing to even the fussiest of homeowners. The heating elements in the gutter, hood, and downspouts keep the aluminum warm to melt the snow and ice continuously so your gutters and downspouts can move the water away from the foundation of your home.


The system is controlled by a thermostat, which automatically turns on and off. However, American Heated Gutter Systems recommends that you have a manual shut-off switch added. As with all our gutters, the heated gutter can be installed on any roof design -- shingled, slate, metal or rubber. If you are curious about your options, and located in the Erie, PA, Buffalo, NY, or Mentor, OH area, call today!