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Heated Gutters in Erie, PA, Buffalo, NY & Mentor, OH











The Heater Hoodie® eliminates icicles and ice dams from forming on the gutters. It was specifically designed for climates with heavy snowfall and major ice buildup that we experience here in the Northeast. It is uniquely different from just a heating wire on the roof; the thermostatically controlled heating elements are positioned between the aluminum hood and another piece of aluminum over top, which protects the wires from all types of outside elements. This provides your home with functionality but still keeps an aesthetically pleasing look.


Get your gutter installation combined with our leaf guard gutters today!


American Heated Gutter Systems has gone one step further than our competitors with our unique Heater Hoodie®. We install our heated product over top of our Leaf Hoodie® as well as on top of our competitor's, i.e., Leaf Guard, Guttertopper, Gutterhelmet, etc. Our system is the most complete gutter system on the market today.


With the heating elements on the hood, in the gutter and down the downspouts, it continuously melts the snow and ice to move the water away from the foundation of your home. The heating cables require a licensed electrician to install a designated covered exterior outlet. 


However, we recommend that you have a manual shut-off switch added. As with all our gutters, the heated gutter can be installed on any roof design -- shingled, slate, metal or rubber.