Larger Rain Capacity

We use the heaviest .032 gauge of primary aluminum specifically for the variable weather conditions such as heavy rainfall and snow. We offer 5, 6 & 7 inch K-style aluminum gutters as well as 6 & 7inch copper gutters and downspout size to match.


Ease of Installation

American Heated Gutter Systems Leaf Hoodie® & Heater Hoodie® can be either roof or fascia mounted and are compatible with all types of gutters and roofing, whether they’re covered with shingles, metal, slate, or rubber.


Compatible With Other Hooded Gutters

American Heated Gutter Systems Heater Hoodie® can be installed over top of our Leaf Hoodie®. Our unique design has been developed to fit over our competitor’s closed gutter hood such as Gutter Helmet, Leaf Guard, Gutter Topper or any other brand of closed hooded gutters.


Range of Colors

Our Leaf Hoodie® & Heater Hoodie® are currently available in a multitude of colors, which will complement any exterior color scheme. With this wide variety of colors, we should be able to match almost any roofing material color.


Strongest In The Industry

American Heated Gutter Systems design is specifically engineered for strength. Our gutter system is installed over reinforced heavy gauge brackets that actually strengthen and support your gutters, enabling them to stand up to heavy snowfall and strong winds. We use primary .032 gauge aluminum, which is the thickest and most consistent. American Heated Gutter Systems prides itself in providing the highest quality product and uses the strongest materials on the market.


Going the Extra Mile

All installations include an inspection and tune-up of your existing gutters - cleaning, sealing, re-pitching and adding hangers, as needed. This service is performed at no additional charge and is only a small example of the excellent service you’ll receive from American Heated Gutter Systems.